Lības Ceramics

Crafts and traditions

Lība Ločmele is a professional ceramist who, after studying at the Latvian Art Academy in Riga, returned to her homeland to develop her brand “Lības keramika”.

Lība belives that ceramics teaches you not to rush and to enjoy the process of making something with your own hands, to accept that not everything always works out right away. Lība works with porcelain and stoneware clay. Lība loves pastel earth tones for her works, some of them she loves to decorate with some touch of gold.

Porcelain is a very expensive, delicate and capricious material, but it is not something to be afraid of. You don’t have to be sad even if the dishes break, because Lība is convinced that dishes should be used, changed, enjoyed. You do not need to keep your beautiful plates, cups or other dishes on the shelf – just to look at them.

By visiting the workshop, you can participate in master classes and create your own unique ceramic project. For people who are not used to create something with their hands these days, participating in a master class will be a therapeutic process.

Lības Ceramics workshop offer:

Individual ceramic master classes for adults – ceramic projects (mug, snack bowl, etc.) or pottery turning master class.

Group master classes, up to 6 persons. (family or group of colleagues, friends)

Duration 2 h, ceramic works made in master class ready for delivery within 3-4 weeks.

The cost of the master class: EUR 45.00 per person, the price includes the excursion, all necessary materials, tools and a tea break.


Pļaviņi, Pleitova, Baltinavas pag., Balvu nov., LV-4594
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