Mobile sauna with hot tub “Pirtsmaģija”

For well-being

“Pirtsmaģija” (“Magicsauna”)- mobile sauna with a tub gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy life at your leisure! “Pirtsmaģija” is a good idea how to spend time with friends or have a romantic evening just for two.

“Pirtsmaģija” will be delivered to your place.

Sauna: comfortable for 4-6 people, wood-burning stove, indoor and outdoor lightning, semi-panoramic window.

HOT TUB: comfortable for 4-6 people, wood-burning stove, hydro/air, comfortable steps to get in and out of the hot tub.

Sauna and hot tub rental:

Monday – Thursday: 80 EUR

Friday, Saturday, holidays: 120 EUR

100 EUR on Sunday


FREE – in Balvi town territory , outside the town –  by agreement.

For an additional fee: a pump for faster filling of the tub. For a more fun in party, we offer portable speaker – to listen your favourite music.