Cycling route No.15 “Greenways Gulbene-Balvi-Viļaka”

Cycling routes

Regional bicycle route No.15 leads along the former railway line Gulbene-Pitalova, which was closed in 2001 and currently the former railway embankment is being adapted for active tourism – cyclists, pedestrians.
A little more than 70 km cycle route from Gulbene through village Litene leads to Kubuli in Balvi district, where the railway station “Balvi” was located, further through village Vīksna to Kuprava and Žīguri, and then from Žīguri village to the former Mežvidu elementary school in Vecumi parish and through Borisova and Viļaka town to the Russian border – by road.
Several rest areas wih picnic places and info stands have been created on the route – near Litene, Sita, Kubuli, Vīksna and Žīguri.

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